Mother's Day Gifts that She Won't Throw Away

She gave the gift of life, so what Mother’s Day gift could possibly come close? The best Mother’s Day gifts convey gratitude, appeal to a mother on a personal level and are long-lasting and memorable enough that she won’t end up tossing them after the holiday.

Have you ever put a tremendous amount of effort into a Mother’s Day gift only to have it be met with less enthusiasm than you expected? A mother is often too sweet to say she hates it, and she may not even immediately get rid of the gift. In fact, if you pay attention, you might witness the gift migrate gradually over time, moving further and further away from high traffic areas and places where it is in plain sight until it eventually disappears.

Bad gifts sometimes happen to good people, and when they do, sometimes those gifts go missing.

Before you even head out the door for your Mother’s Day shopping excursion, stop and make a date to spend some quality time with mom in advance of the holiday. While you two are either talking on the phone or hanging out in person, try to coax ideas out of her but be stealthy. If asked directly what she wants as a gift, she might not be very forthcoming, so don’t come right out and ask. Consider yourself a gift detective. Ask mom vague personal questions to try to piece together clues for what the perfect gift might be.

When it comes to questions that could probe into mom’s deeper desires without giving away the reason for your interest, consider starting out with questions that help you get to know your mom as a person instead of just as a mom.

Gifts with Her Interest in Mind

Think about the fact that your mom was once your age and might have been a bit different as a person than the mom you know today. Doesn’t that idea intrigue you? Who was she? What kind of clothes did she wear? What were her hopes and dreams? What music, art or films did she love at that time?

The past can offer a lot of insights into how your mom became the woman you know, and she will probably be delighted in your interest. You may find that in trying to figure out what gift to get mom, you can also give yourself the gift of getting to know your mom on a much deeper level.

The past is important, but so is the present and the future. Ask general questions about life. Does she have hobbies? Is there anything she would like to do but hasn’t tried yet? Does she have a pet? Items for beloved pets can be a good gift option. People who love their pets often spend their extra money on gifts for their animals, so if mom has a pet, think about getting her something with her pet in mind.

Jewelry on the Mind

The best Mother’s Day gifts are personal in nature, and most mothers are naturally drawn to items that are keepsakes and mementos of their children. They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but to be a mother’s best friend, jewelry doesn’t need to be flashy, expensive diamonds. The best jewelry for mothers is symbolic of motherhood and represents the relationship mom has with her child or children.

There are plenty of personalized jewelry gift options for Mother’s Day. There are pendants engraved with a child’s name dangling from delicate necklace chains. Lockets with photos and engraving are classic and beloved mementos, and many are relatively inexpensive. There are ID bracelets and even fingerprint pendants. For mothers who love pearls, there are darling necklaces with charms of open pea pods with peas or bird nests with pearls as eggs, and each pearl in the necklace represents a child.

Capture the Moment

Many moms love having family photographs, and some moms may prefer having physical photos as opposed to digital photos. Luckily, Polaroid cameras are making a comeback, and depending on her age, mom may really enjoy the nostalgia associated with taking those fun, impromptu photos that give her automatic keepsakes. For more tech savvy moms, there are small, handheld printers that will conveniently print photos directly from her phone.

An interesting gift for mom could be creating her family tree and presenting the history of her family in a visually appealing way. If you are artsy, this could be a great personalized gift she can cherish both for its thoughtfulness and creativity.

Aside from delving into ancestry, there are also DNA genetic testing and analysis kits. Most people are curious about health characteristics that are directly influenced by genetics and what health issues may have affected their ancestors. This is a great gift because not only is it interesting, it also lets her know that you care. You want her to have important background information for what may impact her health because you care about your mother’s well-being. Plus, it gives her more information about herself and her life.

Made with Love

If your mother cooks, her recipes should be gathered, organized and stored safely both to reference and to keep in the family for generations to come. Purchase a pretty book from a hobby supply shop and consider decorating it yourself in ways that will have meaning to your mom. If your mom has a vast collection of recipes too immense for a book, look for small, old-style card catalogues for a unique, organized display. In addition, make time to regularly visit mom to try out new recipes and cook together.

If you cook reasonably well, you could always make mom a home-cooked meal. If you know how to cook a meal that she taught you how to make, this is a great opportunity to let her know how much gratitude you have for everything she has taught you.

Often, mothers become accustomed to putting the needs of everyone else before their own. So much so, they at times neglect their own needs. For those moms, a little pampering is in order. Consider giving mom a kit full of things to help her relax. Scented candles, soft blankets, robes, soothing face masks, lotions, bath salts and even a book from their favorite author are all great gifts to encourage mom to take the time to nurture herself as much as she nurtures everyone else.

Activities for Mom

Perhaps you would like to see your mother be more active outside of her obligations at home. Sometimes a little push can go a long way in helping someone make a healthy change. Think of an activity you think mom would enjoy and take that step to gently get mom started. Pay to register mom for months of yoga, painting or cooking classes or a gym membership. Make sure you register for either open scheduling or for times you know she doesn’t have prior obligations. It just might be the best gift that will get mom out of the house, and it might even make her some new friends.

Although she may not say it, mom probably really wants to spend more time with you. When thinking of activities, you could also come up with a day full of places to go and things to do for you to enjoy together on Mother’s Day.

Think about places your mother enjoys, especially those places that she may regard as a luxury or only for special occasions. What could be more special than Mother’s Day? You can pick her up and go to her favorite restaurant. From there, consider the places she likes to go, whether it is shopping, museums, a pool, beach, spa or even to see a movie, it’s her day to be pampered.

If you give it some thought, you know a rich source of information about your mother from your shared history. Recreate one of your best memories of your mother from your childhood. When you explain that it is all to relive such a happy memory with her, she will probably be genuinely surprised by the gesture and touched that you remember the time you spent together down to such small details.

Practical Gifts

There are items that every mom can use. Fun organizers are ideal for mom’s busy schedule. Luxurious cashmere sweaters are classic and will make her feel beautiful. Lip balm, sunscreen and sunglasses can help get her prepared for the summer months. Water bottles will remind her to stay hydrated, and tote bags are great for those on-the-whim shopping trips.

If you don’t really know what specific gift will be best, but you have an approximate idea of what she likes, a gift that will keep giving is a monthly subscription service for something she will enjoy. For the moms who love a good book they can’t put down, there are book of the month memberships. For fashion-forward moms, there are fashion subscription services that will try to pinpoint her style and send her clothing to match. For moms who enjoy certain foods or beverages, there are coffee, wine and even bacon clubs. They deliver whatever items she fancies right to her door.

Because She Lends a Helping Hand

Does your mother have a green thumb? Gardening and spending time outdoors, immersed in nature and breathing fresh air is invigorating and good for your mother’s health. If mom can’t get outside, she could still benefit from some greenery. Studies have shown that living with plants indoors helps clear the air of toxicities, adds oxygen to the environment, reduces stress and lowers blood pressure.

This Mother’s Day, instead of sending flowers that mom will only have temporarily, pick a nice plant that she can keep and enjoy long after the holiday is over. Our florists at Flowers By Lorena in Chino, CA, have a variety of plants that can be delivered right to mom’s door.

If you worry that mom’s ability to nurture may not extend to plants, there are now smart gardens. If mom doesn’t have a natural green thumb, these gardens just might change the color of her thumb to green. To grow plants with minimal effort, all mom needs to do is plug the garden in, add water and the smart gardens take care of the rest to make sure the plants thrive.

Moms are all unique, but one thing all moms have in common is that they all want to feel appreciated. Gifts are only good options if they fit with who your mother is as an individual. Get to know your mother on a more personal level prior to Mother’s Day and even after the holiday ends.

The greatest gift you can give your mom is to be interested in who she is. Dive into what she thinks about and what she loves. We all want to be loved for who we are. The first gift you should focus on giving your mom is your time and attention. Think of different ways you can let her know how much you are interested in who she is. Sometimes it is as simple as taking the time to listen to her.

If you follow the advice and delve a little deeper in your quest to get to know mom, the gift you will get in return can’t be quantified. It is one of the greatest gifts because it is the gift of a closer relationship with one of the most important people in your life.

Make every day Mother’s Day. Spend time with mom and ask her questions about herself as if you were meeting a friend for the first time because your mom is the best friend you will ever have.

With some time and effort, you can give the perfect Mother’s Day gifts that she won’t throw away. Sometimes bad gifts happen to good people, but with a little preliminary investigation and thought, your Mother’s Day gift will be treasured instead of tossed.

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