Something Special for Someone Special

Christmas is the season for giving, love and new possibilities. Finding something perfect for your someone perfect is no easy task, but our florists at Flowers By Lorena in Chino, CA, are here to help with personalized gifts for Christmas.

The 1-800-Flowers® Fields Of Europe™ For Christmas Basket is a great way to show that someone special how beautiful they are to you this holiday season. Open the door to new opportunities by sharing a piece of Christmas with the person you love. Add a magical moment to their home every time they lay eyes on this stunningly festive Christmas flower arrangement.

Jewelry, Jewelry, Jewelry- it is a timeless gift that has been given for generations. Theses sparkly pieces of Christmas delight add a certain magic when they touch the heart of the recipient. Jewelry is not only beautiful. It is a moment captured in time. When you pick out that perfect piece of jewelry for your special someone, that though, that love, and that moment is wrapped up in it. Choose something special for your someone special when choosing jewelry for your person’s Christmas gift.

Give the gift of supporting your special someone’s passion this Christmas season. An inspirational painting, an encouraging book or simply a trip to one of their favorite places can mean a world of encouragement to them this Christmas. If your special someone loves art, give them supplies and a trip to a beautiful scene for inspiration. It may just be that something special for your someone special this Christmas season. Take the time to support their passion and give them the gift of your love and encouragement to follow their dreams this Christmas.

When one door closes, three more open. As 2018 comes to an end, make sure to make your moments matter and preserve the memories that you will carry on with you. Our florists at Flowers By Lorena in Chino, CA, are here to help make this Christmas the best one yet with flowers to fit the occasion. End 2018 with a bang by giving something special to your someone special this Christmas!

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