Why Roses Are the Perfect Valentines Day Gift

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your loved one this upcoming Valentine’s Day, you cannot go wrong with red roses. After all, they are the traditional symbol of love. Plus, the popularity of the rose has meant that there are a lot of different options for you to choose from when buying roses for a loved one this year.


Traditional red rose

There is only one place to begin, of course, and this is with the traditional red rose. If you want to get a loved one something really special, you could purchase them a bouquet of 100 red roses. This is a grand gesture that is bound to be appreciated by your other half.

Dipped rose

A gold dipped rose is a creative and sentimental way of displaying your love and affection for another person. They make great presents and the symbol associated with them cannot be disregarded or underestimated; as a gold dipped rose lasts a lifetime, it shows the extent of your feelings towards the person you are giving the rose to.

Evidently, a gold dipped rose is a stunning and magical present, symbolizing wealth, love, and passion. But how is this beautiful and delicate gift made?

The process all begins with a real, living, and breathing rosebud. The rose is specially grown under specific conditions and when it is ready it is cut by the stem. Only the best roses are then selected to go through the further process and become a gold dipped rose. The roses are handpicked after being considered the best of the bunch on the following basis; whether they have a straight stem, whether they have full and rich petals, shapely leaves, and if they have an overall stunning look to them.

Once the roses have been handpicked, they then go through the next step of the production process which is a chemical treatment. This lasts longer than you may expect, the selected roses must be chemically treated for a massive thirty days. This month-long process is a delicate one and is treated with great importance as it is crucial in capturing and preserving the full natural beauty of the rose.

After the thirty-day process is over the entire production of a gold dipped rose reaches the final steps. In most cases, the rose is lacquered and then hand-painted in various different colors. This is done to enhance the overall image of the rose, and highlight its sheer elegance and the delicate nature of the leaves and the petals.

The process of production of a gold dipped rose really does show how precious they really are. How many gifts can you say took at least thirty days to make in order to preserve true beauty? Anyone who receives a gold dipped rose will instantly feel happy as they know how important and how much love is captured inside that stunning and delicate flower.

Rose Jewelry

Not only can you buy your loved one some roses in the floral sense, but why not purchase her a piece of jewelry of a rose? This is something that would go beautifully with the flowers you have chosen. You can purchase a pair of rose studs for example, or why not opt for a necklace that has a rose pendant on it? The good thing about a gift like this is that it will never go out of fashion either. After all, we are never going to see the day where flowers aren’t considered beautiful, are we? So, this is a gift that will last a lifetime, and that is what gifts of love are all about.

Rose petals

It is also a good idea to adorn your home or hotel with rose petals on Valentine’s Day. This is a tradition that has been going for many years now, and it never gets old. After all, not only do rose petals look incredibly beautiful and romantic, but they also smell amazing too, adding a luscious and beautiful scent to the room in question. This is guaranteed to win you some more brownie points on Valentine’s Day.

There you have it: an insight into some of the different rose gifts you can purchase for a loved one this Valentine’s Day. We hope that this has inspired you with some ideas and suggestions that can help you to wow your loved one. After all, when it comes to roses, you simply cannot go wrong. If you’re looking for the perfect flowers, please do not hesitate to get in touch. At Flowers by Lorena, we serve our local Chino, CA community with fresh flower designs and gifts that pair perfectly!

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